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HBO game change

Has anyone watched HBO's Game Change, detailing the Sarah Palin vice presidential run? Since it first premiered on Saturday night: it's the highest rated HBO movie of all time. And Julianne Moore's performance is getting rave reviews. The movie is based on the book of the same title by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which was based on interviews with participants in all the campaigns (the book deals with a lot more subject matter than just Sarah Palin's run). Watching the movie reminded me of all the hot screaming debates on Livejournal at the time and pretty much (surprise surprise) vindicates a lot of the concerns with Palin's just in way over her head, stubborn and vindictive, and functionally illiterate on policies and even basic high school knowledge (i.e. Palin thought the Queen of England was the head of state for Great Britain). The movie included new material that wasn't in the book, including the fact that Palin's senior advisor Nicole Wallace, ended up not voting in the election because she was so disturbed at Palin being so close to the Presidency. I'm curious if anyone else had some thoughts about the movie, or read the book the movie was based on? Behind the cut is a embedded copy of the post Katie Couric interview, where Palin confronts Ms. Wallace, blaming her.

You MAY need to refresh the page to get the embedded content to reload properly.
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