February 12th, 2007

  • madali

Larijani's Speech

I'm slowing starting to like Larijani, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator. He is flexible, diplomatic, has a good way with words, and yet, doesn't bend over to the west. He is a much better politician than Ahmedinijad, and I'm glad that the government is giving him more control, and taking away some from Ahmedinijad, who initially I liked, but I'm growing tired of him. Recently, he gave a speech in a Munich conference, to try to reduce the tension.
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Links to his full speech (follow the first link, and use it to go to the other parts),


Ask Senator Edwards to reject threats on Iran

See below - then sign the petition and pass it on:


Former Senator John Edwards has recently taken honorable stands against escalation in Iraq and in favor of gradually withdrawing troops. While in the Senate, he had voted to authorize war with Iraq, but in late 2005, he courageously admitted publicly that his vote was a mistake.

However, in a recent speech delivered in Israel, Senator Edwards seemed to support threatening Iran militarily, saying "To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep ALL options on the table. Let me reiterate -ALL options must remain on the table [original emphasis]."

An attack - indeed even threatening to attack - would be a violation of international law, specifically the UN Charter.

Due to his stature as a former senator and vice-presidential candidate, Senator Edwards's failure to clearly reject an aggressive posture toward Iran has an impact. It tends to undermine growing efforts in Congress to stop the White House from attacking Iran.

We would like to respectfully ask Senator Edwards to reconsider and clarify his position now, before it is too late. We encourage you to join us by signing this petition addressed to him.


It is commendable that Senator Edwards is against the war in Iraq now. Surely he wishes he had opposed it when there was a chance to stop the invasion. He now has that chance with respect to Iran. We invite you to ask Senator Edwards to oppose an attack now and help prevent it.