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i wrote this yesterday. it seems the pentagon has now bowed to common sense

so the cockpit video of the friendly fire incident is now in the public domain.
hat's off to the coroner for calling a halt to the inquest, saying that if this
video was not seen that he could not, in good conscience, make a verdict.
you would think the pentagon would have the good grace and good sense to let it
lie, but no, now they want 'justice' and you just know if they find the
whistleblower they'll do everything in their power to throw the book at him/
her. oh we have a 'special relationship' all right, and if you asked a marriage
guidance counsellor they might say it was one way, dysfunctional and abusive.
america has a far more advanced freedom of information laws than the uk and you just know if the situation were reversed (though the british army has a generally quite good record of not firing on its allies) congress would be spitting feathers for the video to be put into evidence and for the pilots be subpoenaed to give evidence.
i would also be interested to know how much and what kind of press this story is getting stateside?

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